Trade Price UK (Windows & Doors) Review

Anyone who has read my ramblings before may well have picked up on the fact I can be a bit of a stickler for details.  I like a good excellent experience when dealing with companies.

Whilst I always reserve judgement until my dealings with a company or over, it would be wrong to suggest that I do not judge from the outset!

Image result for trade price ukTrade Price UK met and exceeded my expectations.

Having moved to a new home (new to me anyway) in 2015, it was apparent that the windows and doors ideally needed replacing.

So in April/May of 2016 as part of our renovation plans I decided now was time and we would get this expensive job underway.


Needless to say I was not excited by this task and was not prepared to take the stereotypical spiel that comes from some salespeople within this industry. Thankfully on the most part I was not subjected to this having 4 companies quote.

Sadly ‘Apple Home Improvements‘ did live up to the reputation. This is perhaps a story for another day, but it was suggested I would get a ‘scrappage’ allowance for my existing doors and windows and they insisted (although I won out here) that both my fiancee and I needed to be present as it was not feasible that I could make informed decisions without her. No No Apple, poor assumption and attitude. They then did not even submit a written quote when by phone giving me a price, some £9,500 more expensive than 2 other quotes. For that additional margin would a letter and a stamp been too much?!

Enough of that, so onto my review of Trade Price UK then!

14 x doors and windows needed replacing in total, a couple were well beyond the sizes of typical windows found in a home and rather than the traditional white we had decided on Anthracite Grey as our colour option on the outside and white on the inside.

With that brief set,  Trade Price were called in to quote.

Sending them measurements from a competitor, within 4 hours I had a price. Not long after, this price was re-confirmed when Shaun came out to measure up and double check everything.

When I asked a novice question I got informed responses and was not made to feel like a plonker.

Not long after we signed on the dotted line and paid the deposit.

About 4 weeks later the windows were ready.  Withing 6 weeks of ordering the windows and doors were fitted. Talk about getting the job done quickly.

The installers (employees of Trade Price and not some cheap contacted labourers) were clean and tidy as well as polite. Left the team a key and they got on with it. No issues with trust at all.

All doors and windows, removed, installed and debris cleared away in 5 days!

I and many others reading this will probably agree you cant really tell how good a company is until something goes wrong.  How they then deal with those issues reflects on how good they really are.

Many companies could learn from Trade Price UK as to how to act when things go wrong. Professional, fast and communicative approach was the order of the day, to be fair, even before things went wrong I enjoyed this level of service.

Now, I should be clear of the 3 main issues encountered during installation, only 1 was a Trade Price error, a human error of actually damaging the glass to be installed.

Did I get a boarded up window, heck no. I got a replacement piece of glass. Not the right type, but a piece of glass that fitted. Mistakes happen and boarding would have sufficed; but despite the mistake happening late afternoon, a solution way beyond my expectations was provided. The correct glass was fitted only a couple of days later.

The other 2 were manufacturer errors but indeed these were dealt with promptly and efficiently with little hassle on my part.

I am extremely impressed with the final product and installation.

Pre and post sales support has been fantastic and the price was very good too.

I want to say thank you to all the team there

If you are in need of a single door, or window or a full house re-fit, you could do a lot lot worse than Trade Price UK based on my experience.

They cover, Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ferndown, New Milton, Ringwood and the surrounding area within Dorset and Hampshire.

You can contact them online at or by phone 01202 722293 or by emailing and their address:

Trade Price UK Ltd
Unit 10, Corty Close
Branksome Business Centre
Parkstone, Poole
BH12 4BQ

If you have any questions, or maybe even want to see they job they have done, then get in contact.

Disclaimer – I have not been rewarded in any way to provide this written feedback and review of Trade Price UK, this is my genuine heart felt opinion.



Free online photo & video backup

When was the last time you backed up your photos and videos from your phone or camera?

Are they stored on your PC?  Is this the only location?

Irrespective of your setup, you always should make sure you have at least 1, if not 2 backups of your most precious data and generally speaking photos and videos are for many the most important.

Backing up photos and videos can be a hassle and the space they take up can mean costly expense for hard drives or online storage.

We all love to get something for free and what I am about to explain to you is something you may or may not have come across before but believe me, it is hands down the BEST solution I have ever come across and value for money wise there is no competition.

The solution?

Google Photos

Irrespective of who you are, how many pictures and videos you take I seriously recommend you take a look at it. I really think you will see the benefit of taking a bit of time reading and understanding how it works, because it is immensely powerful.

Now I could write loads on this but there are a couple of other who have already done this and to be honest there is little I can really add.

I am sure there are lots of great reviews out there, but one of the best I have read is here by Android Police

The Verge & TechnoBuffalo have also put together videos that explains it all pretty well.

The key points to note is that:

  • The unlimited storage applies to photos taken on a camera with a resolution of 16 megapixels or below.
  • Larger files and even those at 16 megapixels or less are compressed, but there is virtually impossible to tell the difference between the compressed and original.
  • You can upload the original but you only get 15GB of free storage. If you need more than this you have to pay.
  • There is the web app, an app for Android, iOS, PC and Mac. They all sync so when you upload from one you can see it on another.
  • You can download and share files with ease.
  • There is lots of control over how when and where files are uploaded.

I uploaded over 50GB of photos and videos from my personal storage and have completed similar with work files.

I want to sum this up by saying I set this up for my mum who will admit technology baffles her. But she has been blown away how within seconds of capturing a picture on her phone it is now backed up on the web but also available to view on her iPad.  Previously I always had to backup her photos, but now she does it herself, but doing nothing!

So if you are interest head to or download it for Android devices here and iOS here.

My first unboxing video

Back in the dark ages, 2008 to be precise I setup the Clove Technology YouTube Channel.

Video was not quite such a thing then, but it slowly grew and in what seems like a lifetime ago, (but is was only March 2011) I completed my first ever smartphone unboxing.  The phone in question was the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc.

I cringe when I watch it back now, but the phone I unboxed was a personally favourite.

Now, in 2014 unboxing a phone is second nature and the Clove channel has in excess of 17.5 million views.  But for those who want a laugh!

I am a smartphone evangelist

I love technology, but I love smartphones a lot as well and I have to come clean and announce that I am a smartphone evangelist.

When someone buys a smartphone, be it Samsung, Sony, Apple, HTC or Motorola.  Be it an entry level handset or the all singing all dancing flagship model, I believe in every user getting maximum value and benefit from it.

Truthfully many of us get excellent value from our phones, but there are plenty who do not and they are left with a negative felling towards that handset, manufacturer, that retailer or phones in general.

It pains me when people ask if their phone can do something and to be told it can, but have spent the last 6 months thinking it was not possible.

It frustrates me when people are mislead by marketing or pushy sales people to believe the phone they are buying can do what they want when in truth it can not.

Do I know everything about every smartphone? Far from it.  Do I know more about smartphones than the general public? I would say so (my job helps with this).

Do I believe in telling people that they can do something easier one way than selling them something that can do it another? I do.


It is because I have a passion for mobile technology and telling someone how to maximise value from what they have, goes further than selling them something they do not really need.

It is too because I believe in restoring some faith in people.  It is all too easy today (in many areas of life) to be taken advantage of.  I do not believe in this.  If I can instil that little bit of satisfaction in someone that they have learnt something or understood something with no or limited expense then that makes me feel good.

Am i condescending when I speak to those with less knowledge? I certainly try not to be and I tailor my approach based on the responses I get. What I do though is start at a simple level to ensure I do not lose those that I am passing the information onto.

I do not think there are enough of us out there who do this.

How often have you wished someone just explained something a little more.  When a builder, plumber, mechanic or similar told you x needed to be done and this would affect y and cost z.  Did you just agree for the sake of it or did you really understand?

Whether it is technology, automotive or even gardening how often do you gain that added value of knowledge or assistance from others and come away feeling rewarded in some way?

Of course this is just my judgement, but for what it is worth I think we all can look to do more to help others and make a difference.  Taking that little extra time to ensure things are explained and demonstrated to leave each other feeling satisfied.

Image Source:Broadband World Series

Just provide free wifi

A recent holiday has been a recent catalyst in a few posts of late and this is another but one that goes beyond just what I experienced on holiday.

Like many I am attached to my phone and the internet, whilst I try to take steps to reduce my time in front of a screen, even on holiday I seek satisfaction in being online.

Being online for me forms part of my relaxation process.  I like to read news, blogs and watch videos and more online as a way of relaxing and winding down and getting away from the stresses of everyday life.

The mobile network 3 are pioneering the mobile data front abroad making it easier than ever to connect to the internet via the mobile network with no increase in costs to you and it is without doubt they are doing a great job.

Regretfully whilst being on the 3 network, their current coverage did not include Egypt, nor does it include many other popular holiday destinations, however an increasing number are being covered so thumbs up to 3.

In areas where the coverage under your normal contract conditions are not available, a data connection is often possible but the costs can be quite prohibitive for many.  I would pay, but I refuse to pay the costs per mb when I do not ‘need’ it when abroad.  If I was working or required it then I would think differently.

The hotel offered 5 free WiFi zones which based on my past experience that is very good.  WiFi was available in the room, if you wished to pay the high costs that this incurred.

Thus I went for the free WiFi zones, which were helpful but perhaps useless too in some respects.  In today’s world with so many people being online, I was not the only one trying to connect, there were often 20+ people in these WiFi zones trying to do the same thing and of course the network then struggles with so many connections all trying to get access to their online content.

I can not really knock it because it was ‘free’ but I can not help but think that is they offered WiFi to everyone for an additional £10 per week they would pay it.  If only 25% of the guests paid the fee, the income would soon pay for itself, even if the network had to be increased to cope with the capacity.  In my case, the connection was already there, I just could not access it unless I wished to pay a higher free, which was not in my opinion justifiable for the weeks stay.

This policy goes beyond a holiday hotel, but includes hotels at home, workplaces and even cafes and restaurants.

It is quite amazing what some hotels seem to think is acceptable to charge for an hours internet connection.  I am sure there are many places that break this current trend and already do what I am suggesting, but many do not.

We live in a world, where many are online and there is little we can do about it. Offering free WiFi will increase customer satisfaction and if a cost needs to be applied then so be it, but make it reasonable so that people will be willing to pay it.

There will always be pros and cons and two sides to the argument, but the system needs to change and stop charging for internet like it is a premium service that it once was.  it has become more of an expectation today due to the connected world we live in.

I am convinced that many will see and feel the benefit and satisfaction will be felt by customers and staff.

Who is with me?

Brit’s do not pay attention to the warning about the sun

The dangers of prolonged time in the sun does not seem to be getting through to the British public

I am no expert on the dangers of extended exposure to the suns rays, nor do I really know what impact it really has on the skin and the lives of those that do expose themselves in such ways.

I speak only based on what I have seen, heard and read which together is fairly brief, but my understanding is that when spending time in the sun, be careful. It is not a case of not spending time in the su, but when you do, do so with care.

Avoid spending excessive time in direct sunlight, avoid within reason being in direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day. Wear and reapply sun protection regularly, keep hydrated…you have probably heard and read it all before.

Why is it then that on a recent holiday in Egypt, many Brits in the same report seemed to do the complete opposite. Now I am not attributing such to all, nor am I suggesting those that I witnessed did not take some level of protection.

However from my observations, many (the larger proportion of which were of a younger age group) exposed themselves for long periods of times and showed the results in bright red skin which was clearly sunburnt and appeared not to keep themselves hydrated with water.

Whilst I spent time in the sun, I did so under the shade because I have seen the dangers and personally I cannot spend an hour, let alone several in direct sunlight with temperatures of around 40 degrees.

I am no martyr, nor do I wish to ‘preach’ but clearly the apparent dangers and the work of authorities in the UK is not getting through.

Everyone has the right to do what they want, but I can not hep thinking how many came away feeling the effects of some poor decisions when in the sun. Whether they did or did not, will they learn and will they continue to act in such a way and will long term they end up bearing the consequences?!

Oak Furniture Land – Customer service as you would expect

An order for a two items I had ordered in store 10 days earlier, was due to arrive within a given time slot.  True to their word the vehicle arrived and they began off loading the delivery.

As it was a couple of bulky items, I let the delivery guys just get on with it and kept out their way.  After a few minutes and only one of the items in my hallway it appeared there was a problem.

The second item, made up of two parts had not been loaded on the vehicle, despite the delivery labels showing 1 of 3 on them.  Before the delivery guys informed me of this, they were already on the phone to their team and arranging a solution to the problem.

Th driver came to the door, explained that they do not load the vehicle themselves and that rather than loading the two boxes for my order something else has been incorrectly loaded.  Once he explained this, he handed me a phone where a customer service rep was ready and waiting to resolve the situation.

They offered another delivery slot (no other option) and a guaranteed AM delivery.  They also offered to refund the £40 I had pay to be able to specify the delivery day. The earliest slot they had was 5 days away, but I was unable to do that, so it was arranged for the following week.  A little disappointing that one of the items on the order had been miss-loaded and I was going to have to wait, but the refund and the way they handled it was superb

The delivery guys were very polite and apologetic as if it was their fault, which it was not.  I was kind and courteous and laid no blame on them.  There was no point getting mad, I couldn’t do anything to get the item here quicker.

Whilst I was on the phone, the delivery guys even wrote a length piece on the deliver docket that I had to sign to say some parts were missing, their names, a case reference number and more. Many companies would leave it for you or I to write X missing.

As disappointing as the failed delivery was, what I really liked is they way they handled it though.  No telling me it was not there then calling customer services and leaving me to do it, they had the solution to the issue ready and waiting.  The rep was on hold while the delivery driver explained and as soon as he did he handed that phone to me.

Coming with a solution to a problem is better than just being made aware of the problem. Well done Oak Furniture Land, I am very impressed with the way the whole issue was handled. I have no qualms in using or recommending you.