Boot Buddy review

BootBuddyLogoAfter a recent change of vehicle I decided I was no longer able to put up with the constant dog hair that seemed to be attracted to the carpet walls of the boot space, so I went in search of a solution.

The solution was, Boot Buddy, a custom made liner for the boot of the vehicle that offers a more friendly solution and makes for easier dirt, dust, dog hair and general spill management.

The general purpose and benefits are best explained in the following video:

At £250 for a liner for the boot of my Ford Focus, it isn’t exactly cheap. There was then the additional £25 cost for the anti-slip liner which was essential really to stop the dog sliding about.

Delivery takes about 2 weeks which isn’t too bad considering the bespoke nature of the product but considering the cost it would be nice if it was a bit quicker.

The liner is made up in my case (varies by vehicle) of 4 pieces. A piece for the floor, the two sides and the back that rests up against the rear seats.

The liner is quite thick and there is a degree of flexibility to it but it is generally rigid.

The two side pieces attached to the back piece with 3 poppers on each side (they were a bit tough) whilst the back secures with Velcro to the bottom piece of the kit.

Included also were a few extra bits of Velcro that you could attach at your discretion to the liner and carpet inside your vehicle for a better fit and easier removal at a later date.

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On the whole the liner fits well and does the job.

After a month of ownership I am quite pleased and it is certainly easier to clean.

For the price I paid, I would have liked a slightly better fit with more of the boot protected. This may have made it more difficult to fit (I can’t say for sure).  The images show where there are gaps that could have been filled. It feels a little that the custom element of it is defunct when it does not fill the whole boot.

But overall I am happy and would recommend this ans it can save a lot of time and is worth the investment if you have a dog and intend to keep your vehicle for a few years.

I now no longer need to spend an hour hovering the boot for dog hair as it all now collects on the smooth and easy to clean surface of the Boot Buddy.

Visit for yours.


We have had Ralf for over a year

It is a year to the day that I last posted about our dog Ralf (here).

I had intended to past more updates throughout the year, but life just seems to have gotten in the way.

So in short here I am with an update some 12 months on and what a 12 months it has been.

All in all Ralf has turned out to be an excellent dog, generally really well behaved and responsive.  Although, like all dogs when they decide they want to chase after something then off he goes. He is too without doubt one of the strongest dogs for his size.  He pulls very hard if wants and he could probably make an alternative addition to a husky sledge team.

He has more energy than he knows what to do with which can be frustrating, but lots of walks and ball throwing!

We have been very lucky, with little in the way of chewed items in the home considering he is a Labrador, he did ruin the carpet on the stairs but that is the only thing he has damaged.

I am really pleased with how he has turned out and can not really imagine life without him now.

Here are a few pics of him from over the last year.

Nuts about Mutts dog day care & boarding review – Bournemouth

Update: This article was first posted in September 2013. As of August 2015 I still use the services of Nuts about Mutts and my opinions have not changed.

Anyone who has been following my blog will know that I have a 4 legged friend named Ralf, who at the time of writing is a 14 month old Labrador with plenty of energy.

Whilst Ralf will happily be left at home whilst at work, on some occasions it is necessary for me to have him looked after during the day by a dog sitter/carer to make it fairer for him, so he is not sat about with his legs crossed!

I had been using Happy Tails ( which I could not really fault until they changed their policy on unneutered dogs.  Therefore I had to find an alternative.

A quick search of Google presented Nuts about Mutts (

Located in Muscliffe, much closer to my home, I was a little disappointed that I did not come across them originally.


I have now been using their services for over 2 months and really can not complain.

It started with an initial consultation where lots of important information was taken and a full list of terms & conditions provided.

The service received from day one has been friendly and professional.

For a very reasonable £15 per day my dog is cared for from 8am until 6pm and always seems to come home tired!

Since using their services I have not come across any issues.  In fact Lois (the owner) is very accommodating and will work to find a solution for you when necessary. For example on one day I needed to arrange a drop off at 7am but with an earlier pickup. Whilst outside her normal hours of operation, she did this for us.

I can’t say she would do it all the time and for everyone, but it is very pleasing that their is such flexibility.

Run from home, the dogs are within a family environment and not stuck in kennels and left there until it is time for a walk. They are free to run around the back garden & play as they like.

Unlike some sitters where they take a maximum number of dogs and charge more as a result, with Nuts about Mutts the number of dogs cared for varies, but makes for a good social mix for the dogs and helps with their learning.

I can at this time not fault the service and experience I have had with Nuts about Mutts and can only recommend it.

If you are looking for day care or overnight boarding services for your dog, but want the less formal kennel arrangement as well as not wanting to pay the earth then check out Nuts about Mutts.

You can visit their website or contact Lois Adey on:

This is not a paid for review – this is just honest customer feedback!

Ralf is now 18 weeks old

So I had intended to blog a bit more regularly about dog ownership…however time (taken up by a puppy & work) have gotten the better of me!

We have now had Ralf for about 9 weeks and wow what a difference 9 weeks makes.

We had him checked and vaccinated from 8 weeks old.  He weighed just 5.4kg then.  He must weight about 13-14kg now.

He has had all his vaccinations, flea and worming treatment and is well into his puppy training.

We have been very lucky to date, he is fairly well behaved and has caused us no real issues (touch wood).

He sleeps in the car, in fact makes no noise what so ever.  It is a little odd.

Here is a picture taken of him on a walk a week ago.

The following are a few pictures starting with the more recent.

2012-08-10 19.05.012012-08-25 14.21.012012-08-19 14.32.372012-08-05 09.41.11Ralf_9_10_Weeks_28_07_12 (33)

Ralf has been with us for a week

We have had Ralf for 1 week now and what a week it has been.

Ralf_8_Week_7_8_07_12 (38)

He has met lots of people, been to the vets for his first set of jabs, been left at home and taken out to see the Olympic torch, had a wash and much more.

All in all he has been an absolute dream.  He is so well behaved. He is picking up toilet training really well and sleeping through the night (with 1 exception).

This is absolute testament to the breeders from whom we bought Ralf from and the Ralf’s mum.

Ralf_8_Week_15_07_12 (11)

He has been an absolute dream, he is calm and laid back, he listens and all is proving to be everything we wanted in a dog.  However he has begun chewing…so things may change.

Ralf_8_Week_7_8_07_12 (66)Ralf_8_Week_15_07_12 (24)

Equipping your home for a puppy

With Ralf due to arrive tomorrow we spent last weekend getting all the bits we needed.

From dog bowls, to food, to play pens to blankets, to treats to leads.Image forPuppy Milk Bones 300gm by Pets at Home

Some of this is quite expensive. Pets at Home received the majority of our money!!


Image forClassic Black Extending Dog Lead by FlexiWord of advice, head online for some bits as you can save a lot of money.  We probably saved £10 or so on the puppy pads alone.  Also for things like toys and towels places like Wilkinson and the Range offer good value products.  If you can save a few £ it is worth doing so.