Trade Price UK (Windows & Doors) Review

Anyone who has read my ramblings before may well have picked up on the fact I can be a bit of a stickler for details.  I like a good excellent experience when dealing with companies.

Whilst I always reserve judgement until my dealings with a company or over, it would be wrong to suggest that I do not judge from the outset!

Image result for trade price ukTrade Price UK met and exceeded my expectations.

Having moved to a new home (new to me anyway) in 2015, it was apparent that the windows and doors ideally needed replacing.

So in April/May of 2016 as part of our renovation plans I decided now was time and we would get this expensive job underway.


Needless to say I was not excited by this task and was not prepared to take the stereotypical spiel that comes from some salespeople within this industry. Thankfully on the most part I was not subjected to this having 4 companies quote.

Sadly ‘Apple Home Improvements‘ did live up to the reputation. This is perhaps a story for another day, but it was suggested I would get a ‘scrappage’ allowance for my existing doors and windows and they insisted (although I won out here) that both my fiancee and I needed to be present as it was not feasible that I could make informed decisions without her. No No Apple, poor assumption and attitude. They then did not even submit a written quote when by phone giving me a price, some £9,500 more expensive than 2 other quotes. For that additional margin would a letter and a stamp been too much?!

Enough of that, so onto my review of Trade Price UK then!

14 x doors and windows needed replacing in total, a couple were well beyond the sizes of typical windows found in a home and rather than the traditional white we had decided on Anthracite Grey as our colour option on the outside and white on the inside.

With that brief set,  Trade Price were called in to quote.

Sending them measurements from a competitor, within 4 hours I had a price. Not long after, this price was re-confirmed when Shaun came out to measure up and double check everything.

When I asked a novice question I got informed responses and was not made to feel like a plonker.

Not long after we signed on the dotted line and paid the deposit.

About 4 weeks later the windows were ready.  Withing 6 weeks of ordering the windows and doors were fitted. Talk about getting the job done quickly.

The installers (employees of Trade Price and not some cheap contacted labourers) were clean and tidy as well as polite. Left the team a key and they got on with it. No issues with trust at all.

All doors and windows, removed, installed and debris cleared away in 5 days!

I and many others reading this will probably agree you cant really tell how good a company is until something goes wrong.  How they then deal with those issues reflects on how good they really are.

Many companies could learn from Trade Price UK as to how to act when things go wrong. Professional, fast and communicative approach was the order of the day, to be fair, even before things went wrong I enjoyed this level of service.

Now, I should be clear of the 3 main issues encountered during installation, only 1 was a Trade Price error, a human error of actually damaging the glass to be installed.

Did I get a boarded up window, heck no. I got a replacement piece of glass. Not the right type, but a piece of glass that fitted. Mistakes happen and boarding would have sufficed; but despite the mistake happening late afternoon, a solution way beyond my expectations was provided. The correct glass was fitted only a couple of days later.

The other 2 were manufacturer errors but indeed these were dealt with promptly and efficiently with little hassle on my part.

I am extremely impressed with the final product and installation.

Pre and post sales support has been fantastic and the price was very good too.

I want to say thank you to all the team there

If you are in need of a single door, or window or a full house re-fit, you could do a lot lot worse than Trade Price UK based on my experience.

They cover, Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ferndown, New Milton, Ringwood and the surrounding area within Dorset and Hampshire.

You can contact them online at or by phone 01202 722293 or by emailing and their address:

Trade Price UK Ltd
Unit 10, Corty Close
Branksome Business Centre
Parkstone, Poole
BH12 4BQ

If you have any questions, or maybe even want to see they job they have done, then get in contact.

Disclaimer – I have not been rewarded in any way to provide this written feedback and review of Trade Price UK, this is my genuine heart felt opinion.



Just provide free wifi

A recent holiday has been a recent catalyst in a few posts of late and this is another but one that goes beyond just what I experienced on holiday.

Like many I am attached to my phone and the internet, whilst I try to take steps to reduce my time in front of a screen, even on holiday I seek satisfaction in being online.

Being online for me forms part of my relaxation process.  I like to read news, blogs and watch videos and more online as a way of relaxing and winding down and getting away from the stresses of everyday life.

The mobile network 3 are pioneering the mobile data front abroad making it easier than ever to connect to the internet via the mobile network with no increase in costs to you and it is without doubt they are doing a great job.

Regretfully whilst being on the 3 network, their current coverage did not include Egypt, nor does it include many other popular holiday destinations, however an increasing number are being covered so thumbs up to 3.

In areas where the coverage under your normal contract conditions are not available, a data connection is often possible but the costs can be quite prohibitive for many.  I would pay, but I refuse to pay the costs per mb when I do not ‘need’ it when abroad.  If I was working or required it then I would think differently.

The hotel offered 5 free WiFi zones which based on my past experience that is very good.  WiFi was available in the room, if you wished to pay the high costs that this incurred.

Thus I went for the free WiFi zones, which were helpful but perhaps useless too in some respects.  In today’s world with so many people being online, I was not the only one trying to connect, there were often 20+ people in these WiFi zones trying to do the same thing and of course the network then struggles with so many connections all trying to get access to their online content.

I can not really knock it because it was ‘free’ but I can not help but think that is they offered WiFi to everyone for an additional £10 per week they would pay it.  If only 25% of the guests paid the fee, the income would soon pay for itself, even if the network had to be increased to cope with the capacity.  In my case, the connection was already there, I just could not access it unless I wished to pay a higher free, which was not in my opinion justifiable for the weeks stay.

This policy goes beyond a holiday hotel, but includes hotels at home, workplaces and even cafes and restaurants.

It is quite amazing what some hotels seem to think is acceptable to charge for an hours internet connection.  I am sure there are many places that break this current trend and already do what I am suggesting, but many do not.

We live in a world, where many are online and there is little we can do about it. Offering free WiFi will increase customer satisfaction and if a cost needs to be applied then so be it, but make it reasonable so that people will be willing to pay it.

There will always be pros and cons and two sides to the argument, but the system needs to change and stop charging for internet like it is a premium service that it once was.  it has become more of an expectation today due to the connected world we live in.

I am convinced that many will see and feel the benefit and satisfaction will be felt by customers and staff.

Who is with me?

Oak Furniture Land – Customer service as you would expect

An order for a two items I had ordered in store 10 days earlier, was due to arrive within a given time slot.  True to their word the vehicle arrived and they began off loading the delivery.

As it was a couple of bulky items, I let the delivery guys just get on with it and kept out their way.  After a few minutes and only one of the items in my hallway it appeared there was a problem.

The second item, made up of two parts had not been loaded on the vehicle, despite the delivery labels showing 1 of 3 on them.  Before the delivery guys informed me of this, they were already on the phone to their team and arranging a solution to the problem.

Th driver came to the door, explained that they do not load the vehicle themselves and that rather than loading the two boxes for my order something else has been incorrectly loaded.  Once he explained this, he handed me a phone where a customer service rep was ready and waiting to resolve the situation.

They offered another delivery slot (no other option) and a guaranteed AM delivery.  They also offered to refund the £40 I had pay to be able to specify the delivery day. The earliest slot they had was 5 days away, but I was unable to do that, so it was arranged for the following week.  A little disappointing that one of the items on the order had been miss-loaded and I was going to have to wait, but the refund and the way they handled it was superb

The delivery guys were very polite and apologetic as if it was their fault, which it was not.  I was kind and courteous and laid no blame on them.  There was no point getting mad, I couldn’t do anything to get the item here quicker.

Whilst I was on the phone, the delivery guys even wrote a length piece on the deliver docket that I had to sign to say some parts were missing, their names, a case reference number and more. Many companies would leave it for you or I to write X missing.

As disappointing as the failed delivery was, what I really liked is they way they handled it though.  No telling me it was not there then calling customer services and leaving me to do it, they had the solution to the issue ready and waiting.  The rep was on hold while the delivery driver explained and as soon as he did he handed that phone to me.

Coming with a solution to a problem is better than just being made aware of the problem. Well done Oak Furniture Land, I am very impressed with the way the whole issue was handled. I have no qualms in using or recommending you.

Young Enterprise – It’s a learning curve

Young EnterpriseFor the last 2 years I have been volunteering as a business adviser for the UK based charity Young Enterprise.

If you are not familiar with Young Enterprise, they work with educational institutions within the UK (primarily schools and college) to help students develop themselves, their commercial and business awareness.

One of their core activities is running a ‘Company Programme’ which essentially gives students the ability to set-up and run a business for a year under the Young Enterprise Charity, with a network of tools and support in place to help them do so.

Most groups are made up of anything from 4-16 (on average) members.

The groups elect different members for different people and operate like a normal business with meetings, product and service creation, marketing, selling and more.

It is a fantastic way for young people to gain essential skills without any real risk and the most successful companies can after the year opt to trade independently.

I personally was a part of this scheme when I was in 6th form and enjoyed it.

Wishing to give something back as a way of thanking Young Enterprise and helping to develop the people of tomorrow I enrolled as a business adviser.

Each group usually has 2 business advisers which are people with real world business experience from any industry.

The advisers are there to assist the company with questions and queries they may have and essentially take the individuals on the journey that is the Young Enterprise programme.

Students can range from 15-20+ in age, with most around 17-19 years old.

So far I have worked with a local school, with year 10 students aged 15.

As a very motivated individual for me the last 2 years have been a real challenge and one where the lessons are only just sinking in and there is no doubt I have developed my skills personally as a result.

My first group I thought were difficult in the fact that lots of stuff was left to the last minute with many of them not doing the work required and letting each other down.  However the second group were worse; but in both cases in the end they did what they needed to do.

In both instances the mix of individuals and their experience were really different as were their approaches to work. Only 1 or 2 had what I would deem as the right approach to the programme.

All I ever wanted is for the kids involved is to get the most out of it and make best use of the experience to try, fail, succeed and learn.

I tried to motivate them, push them, make them realise the importance of certain aspects like deadlines.

This desire for them to grow was my downfall as an adviser.

What I have learnt now is that I need to tone down my passion in achieving the final goal and work at their pace (which is a challenge when I work in a fast paced environment) and be there to support them.

At the age of 15 they are not as developed as the older students but they all have something to learn and if each student comes away with something be it personal satisfaction or having learnt a new skill, then my involvement and the programme has been a success.

Whilst the company programme is a competition with a national finalist being picked at the end of it, even if the company doesn’t actually sell a product, the team members will have learnt a lot in the process of getting there, the winning of the competition is just a bonus as they have won already, by the skills and experiences they have gained.

Thus now at the end of year 2 I can confidently say that next year the whole process should be more enjoyable because I have been on a journey and I have now learnt what it takes to better help them.

If you have a desire to get involved and help the business people of tomorrow then head to and get in contact with your local region.

Robbing Bournemouth Council axe Hengistbury Head ‘noddy train’ for their own

Bournemouth Council set to rob local residents of a heritage!


Generally speaking I am proud to be a resident of Bournemouth. I love the area and speak fondly of it.

Like all councils, Bournemouth’s will never be perfect, there has certainly been their fair share of dodgy and questionable purchases and planning decisions.

However there have too been some very good things they have done, like the Bournemouth Air Show which attracts a lot of visitors which is great for the town and local businesses and residents too, even if it is a bit busy!

However their latest actions are quite frankly disgusting and can be described no other way than greedy and profiteering.

A land train, locally known as the ‘Noddy Train’ runs from Hengistbury Head to to Mudeford Spit, is to be axed as the council will not renew the license that has been granted to the family who started and have run the service for the last 45 years.


The service which has been run all this time on council land, is to be ceased in favour of the councils own land train.

Cllr Lawrence Williams, portfolio holder for leisure, tourism and culture, said: “The existing land train service at Hengistbury Head has served the area well for a number of years and I would like to thank Mrs Farris for her dedicated work during this time. With the current licence set to expire and after much consideration we feel that the time is right for the Council to take ownership of the service.

“The Council already has a well run land train service along the seafront and with the opening of the new Hengistbury Head visitor centre we see this is an ideal opportunity for us to provide a joint service. The long term aim being to link the whole of the coast up from Hengistbury Head to Alum Chine on one single land train service.”

I do not quite understand how after 45 years the ‘time is now right’ for the council to take ownership of this service and put a family and their employees out of business. As far as I can see it, this is just another opportunity for them to take more money in themselves.

What a way to promote to your residents that you want to support the community, getting rid of what make Bournemouth so special to so many people! Any local will know, love and believe the noddy train is ‘iconic’.

So much of what goes on in Bournemouth along the seafront is council run, which is fine to a point, but the boosts they suggest that come to the economy through the Air Show and the new Wheels festival ultimately really only help themselves and not the wider economy.

Whether you are a local Bournemouth resident or not, please sign this ( )petition and spread the word for what is an outrageous, self-centred and greedy approach by the council.

Source: Bournemouth Echo

Image Source: Facebook / Goolge Images

Email marketing done right–Center Parcs

We all get bombarded by emails on a daily basis.

There are lots of great examples of emails be it one single email or as part of a more targeted campaign.

I think we can all be a bit quick to complain or unsubscribe if we feel we do not like the email or are getting to many.

Not that we should have to, but I think it is sometimes worth highlighting those emails that are done right. I certainly want to, because I see the business case behind them.

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Cancelling a LoveFilm account is a task & a half

LoveFilm Logo

I have been quite a happy user of LoveFIlm for probably a couple of years now and can not really complain.

On the whole it has worked out as reasonably good value for money.

I however came to cancel the subscription as I now have Sky Movies as part of a Sky TV package and can’t really see the need for or justify the additional cost to run the two side by side.

I went to cancel my online account, which prompted me to call a number to actually proceed with the cancellation, which I expected.

I also expected to have them offer a better deal on the phone, which they did.  They offered 3 months for the price of 1.  Not a bad deal in itself but in 3 months time I would still want to cancel and I had no real pressing titles that I wished to watch on LoveFilm.

The adviser went on to tell me how Sky was a 12 month contract as opposed to LoveFilm’s 30 days, as if I didn’t know.

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