I am a smartphone evangelist

I love technology, but I love smartphones a lot as well and I have to come clean and announce that I am a smartphone evangelist.

When someone buys a smartphone, be it Samsung, Sony, Apple, HTC or Motorola.  Be it an entry level handset or the all singing all dancing flagship model, I believe in every user getting maximum value and benefit from it.

Truthfully many of us get excellent value from our phones, but there are plenty who do not and they are left with a negative felling towards that handset, manufacturer, that retailer or phones in general.

It pains me when people ask if their phone can do something and to be told it can, but have spent the last 6 months thinking it was not possible.

It frustrates me when people are mislead by marketing or pushy sales people to believe the phone they are buying can do what they want when in truth it can not.

Do I know everything about every smartphone? Far from it.  Do I know more about smartphones than the general public? I would say so (my job helps with this).

Do I believe in telling people that they can do something easier one way than selling them something that can do it another? I do.


It is because I have a passion for mobile technology and telling someone how to maximise value from what they have, goes further than selling them something they do not really need.

It is too because I believe in restoring some faith in people.  It is all too easy today (in many areas of life) to be taken advantage of.  I do not believe in this.  If I can instil that little bit of satisfaction in someone that they have learnt something or understood something with no or limited expense then that makes me feel good.

Am i condescending when I speak to those with less knowledge? I certainly try not to be and I tailor my approach based on the responses I get. What I do though is start at a simple level to ensure I do not lose those that I am passing the information onto.

I do not think there are enough of us out there who do this.

How often have you wished someone just explained something a little more.  When a builder, plumber, mechanic or similar told you x needed to be done and this would affect y and cost z.  Did you just agree for the sake of it or did you really understand?

Whether it is technology, automotive or even gardening how often do you gain that added value of knowledge or assistance from others and come away feeling rewarded in some way?

Of course this is just my judgement, but for what it is worth I think we all can look to do more to help others and make a difference.  Taking that little extra time to ensure things are explained and demonstrated to leave each other feeling satisfied.

Image Source:Broadband World Series


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