Brit’s do not pay attention to the warning about the sun

The dangers of prolonged time in the sun does not seem to be getting through to the British public

I am no expert on the dangers of extended exposure to the suns rays, nor do I really know what impact it really has on the skin and the lives of those that do expose themselves in such ways.

I speak only based on what I have seen, heard and read which together is fairly brief, but my understanding is that when spending time in the sun, be careful. It is not a case of not spending time in the su, but when you do, do so with care.

Avoid spending excessive time in direct sunlight, avoid within reason being in direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day. Wear and reapply sun protection regularly, keep hydrated…you have probably heard and read it all before.

Why is it then that on a recent holiday in Egypt, many Brits in the same report seemed to do the complete opposite. Now I am not attributing such to all, nor am I suggesting those that I witnessed did not take some level of protection.

However from my observations, many (the larger proportion of which were of a younger age group) exposed themselves for long periods of times and showed the results in bright red skin which was clearly sunburnt and appeared not to keep themselves hydrated with water.

Whilst I spent time in the sun, I did so under the shade because I have seen the dangers and personally I cannot spend an hour, let alone several in direct sunlight with temperatures of around 40 degrees.

I am no martyr, nor do I wish to ‘preach’ but clearly the apparent dangers and the work of authorities in the UK is not getting through.

Everyone has the right to do what they want, but I can not hep thinking how many came away feeling the effects of some poor decisions when in the sun. Whether they did or did not, will they learn and will they continue to act in such a way and will long term they end up bearing the consequences?!


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