Having The Sensatori Wow Moment

I recently spent a week in one of Thomson’s Sensatori Hotels.

Designed to be all about you and what you want to do, the Sensatori range of hotels is growing thanks to the quality and range of offerings they provide. I would certainly go back.

My week was spent n the Coral Sea Resort in Sharm El Sheik in Egypt.

The whole point to the Sensatori experience is that it is supposed to be a stress free, weighted on hand and foot style experience, but if you want to proceed in more activities you can do so.  Essentially you make it what you want it to be and you will not be pressured by any team member to go on excursions, compete in the water polo etc.

The holiday was excellent from the food, to the staff to the entertainment.  You could ask for whatever and within reason your wishes were granted. Want a special blend of drinks, no problem.  Want a private taxi at a special time, complete with a lunch-box for your day trip out, no problem!

Slightly cheesy it might be, but the claim is, that at some point during your stay you will have the ‘Sensatori wow’ moment.

This moment will come at different times for different people but it could be when you are looking out from your balcony, when you are playing volleyball on the beach, when snorkelling over the beautiful coral or when swimming in the infinity pool

I think my ‘wow moment’ came when swimming in one of the pools, just feeling ever so relaxed and generally absorbing everything that was going on and feeling like I could spend eternity here.

However I did have another ‘Sensatori wow’ moment when I least expected it.

Thomson offered their usual range of trips, be it snorkelling, a boat cruise or a day out to the city centre.  We decided that we would opt into a couple of them to say that we had seen Egypt (all be it not the REAL) Egypt.

We went to see one of the reps on site to book the excursions, all fine and dandy until it came to payment.  She explained that one trip had gone up in price by £7.50 per person based on the ‘added extras’ that were included.  In principle I have no problem with this, if you get more then normally you would expect to pay more.

This is when I had my second ‘Sensatori wow’ moment.  We booked these trips 3 days after arriving at the hotel.  At the welcome talk we had been handed the list of activities along with their prices as well as other information about the hotel.  All of the various bits of paper had been stapled together and handed out to all new guests. The price shown for this particular trip was £20, but when we went to book and pay for it the price was £27.50.

The rep explained without prompting that the price lists handed out were printed in large volumes earlier in the year and the price had increased since.  This is fine to some extent, but when you are supposed to be delivering this amazing experience I do not find this acceptable.  Even if the price had been manually amended or another piece of paper attached, explaining the price difference. this would have been more acceptable.

Included in the pack of information provided was entertainment sheets for that particular week, that were printed only a few days earlier, so why wasn’t the price list?

I am not blaming anyone or suggesting any form of foul play, but when there are hundreds of new guest coming to the hotel every week and a large percentage are likely going on the trip and the reps having to explain the price increase, in my mind, printing a revised price list and attaching this to the pack would be much better all round.  Instead you get that ‘Sensatori wow’ moment when you are not expecting the price increase.

Thomson, you do a very good job overall.  I have booked several holidays through you and will likely book many more, but when you boast about having that ‘wow’ moment, maybe those could be contained to the hotel and the location rather than when asking customers for even more money!


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