I pay my road tax too

This post is inspired by a difference of opinion I had with my next door neighbour not to long after moving into my house a few years ago.

In my household, we have 2 cars, but 1 space on the drive, so one has to go on the road.  This principle goes for many of the other houses in the road to.

My next door neighbour does not have a drive, primarily because having a front garden is more appealing to him.

Tax_DiscMost of the time I was able to park on the road right outside my house, but as is the case sometimes this is not always possible due to delivery vehicles, visitors at other houses or the nature of where people have parked.

On a couple of occasions I ended up parking outside his house.  However on his return he would park in the road and request that I move because he wants to park outside his house.

On a couple of occasions I agreed as by the time he returned my ‘usual’ space outside my house had become free.

However it got to the point where I just said no. He didn’t like it and then took the time to explain that it was his space outside his house.

Our road has no parking restrictions, permits, disability bays or anything that would give one the right to claim a parking space is theirs.

He has lived on the road for 40 odd years and thinks he owns it.

It got to the point where he said he paid his road tax and was entitled to the space; to which I explained I also paid my road tax and was equally entitled to the space.

We would all like to park outside our own homes as it is more convenient I agree.  As an older neighbour this plays more importance for him, but he is perfectly able and can easily walk the 20 metres from the next available space in the road.

He does complain less frequently (I think he got the message), but he still makes the request when I have had friends over and they have parked outside his house.

I have even had him come round and ask who was parked outside his house when the vehicle there has nothing to do with me.

I have not even risen to the fact that his daughter often parks outside my house when she comes to visit.

You can probably appreciate the frustration I felt with this subject and I have always kept relatively calm; however it is becoming ever more difficult nearly 4 years on.

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