Boot Buddy review

BootBuddyLogoAfter a recent change of vehicle I decided I was no longer able to put up with the constant dog hair that seemed to be attracted to the carpet walls of the boot space, so I went in search of a solution.

The solution was, Boot Buddy, a custom made liner for the boot of the vehicle that offers a more friendly solution and makes for easier dirt, dust, dog hair and general spill management.

The general purpose and benefits are best explained in the following video:

At £250 for a liner for the boot of my Ford Focus, it isn’t exactly cheap. There was then the additional £25 cost for the anti-slip liner which was essential really to stop the dog sliding about.

Delivery takes about 2 weeks which isn’t too bad considering the bespoke nature of the product but considering the cost it would be nice if it was a bit quicker.

The liner is made up in my case (varies by vehicle) of 4 pieces. A piece for the floor, the two sides and the back that rests up against the rear seats.

The liner is quite thick and there is a degree of flexibility to it but it is generally rigid.

The two side pieces attached to the back piece with 3 poppers on each side (they were a bit tough) whilst the back secures with Velcro to the bottom piece of the kit.

Included also were a few extra bits of Velcro that you could attach at your discretion to the liner and carpet inside your vehicle for a better fit and easier removal at a later date.

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On the whole the liner fits well and does the job.

After a month of ownership I am quite pleased and it is certainly easier to clean.

For the price I paid, I would have liked a slightly better fit with more of the boot protected. This may have made it more difficult to fit (I can’t say for sure).  The images show where there are gaps that could have been filled. It feels a little that the custom element of it is defunct when it does not fill the whole boot.

But overall I am happy and would recommend this ans it can save a lot of time and is worth the investment if you have a dog and intend to keep your vehicle for a few years.

I now no longer need to spend an hour hovering the boot for dog hair as it all now collects on the smooth and easy to clean surface of the Boot Buddy.

Visit for yours.


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