Smartphones – I can’t know it all

I have been working with smartphones and associated mobile technology for just shy of 10 years and wow, the times have changed.

I love the fast moving world, all be it sometimes it can move a little too fast.

As I head out today to the March of the Droids ( event it got me thinking.

‘I or one person can’t know it all’.

I am sure I will be asked a question or be involved in a conversation that I have just no clue about.  Today it will likely be on the subject of ‘modifying Android’.

I often come across this in my work, despite my position, experience and access to information. I can not simply know or remember everything.

6 years ago there may have been 4 top flagship devices, which was relatively easy to remember the specification of.  Now there are easily 10+ handsets in a variety of colours and combinations, not to mention the ever increasing number of lower end handsets that are very similar yet different.

My aim is to always be up to speed with the devices and what is going on in the market, but at some point your knowledge will stop.

A customer or perspective client may have researched one or two devices until they are sick of them.  They then use this knowledge bank to query your knowledge of the products and query things they may have seen or read.

Quite often then you can not answer all their queries. However it is simply not possible to know everything, when you are dealing with such a broad range of products. They have spent a couple of weeks researching everything in complete detail you spend several months learning about the product but are not able to focus on the very smallest of details.

This post is not a defence of my limitations but it is more of a discussion around how some are tolerant of this limit and others are not.

Responding with the comment ‘I need to check or confirm this’ can get one of two reactions; the one of confidence that you are taking the time to check or one of complete disappointment that you do not know.

Where this is most apparent is around questions that relate to the deeper integration or settings within handsets or when a new software update is applied.

I personally believe taking the honest approach is the best all round, but after 10 years it still amazes me how some are so disappointed in your lack of knowledge even when they are querying an update to a phone that was released that day!

Don’t get me wrong as frustrating as it can be it is also a challenge to find the answer and develop my knowledge, but an recognition that not all questions can be answered immediately would be nice!

Do you find the same in your role at work?


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