Roadworks–more notice please Bournemouth Council

A bit more notice would have been nice!

Road Works 2

Roadworks are inevitable, if we want to drive on the roads and have all the modern conveniences that we have then councils need to dig up the roads to maintain these things. 

Roadworks can be very frustrating…especially when no one seems to be doing anything but hey lets not get onto that subject.

I do not have a problem with them and to be fair most major roadworks on main arterial routes are published with big signs a few weeks before they happen.

Very close to me there was notification about 10 days prior that roadworks were to commence on a main road.  This main road is busy all the time, but rush hour is terrible because it is a main route with 2 schools, multiple bus stops etc.  You know what I am taking about.

With the notification of the work, I thought not a problem I thought. 1 or 2 weeks or even heavier traffic and congestion than already exists on this road. So I plan to leave a bit more time for travelling too and from work etc.

The roadworks commence and as expected heavy traffic.  There is even a new set of temporary lights as one side of the road is dug up.  Causing more delays and even heavier traffic.

However about 2 days in a new sign goes up, saying the roadworks will be there until mid-December. That is a bout 12 weeks to do some gas mains work.

Whilst we all accept the work must be done, it would be nice to get a bit of notice that the roadworks will be causing an inconvenience for quite such a long time.

Why Bournemouth Council do you not give more advance notice of this to local residents?!


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