Let people see you ‘High Definition’ teeth


It can’t be all that easy coming up with new names for products and making them stand out on the shelf, especially in such an everyday product such as toothpaste.

However GlaxoSmithKline the company behind the toothpaste brand Aquafresh think they have come up with a good one. ‘Aquafresh High Definition’.

What?! High Definition!! This is not a TV.

Am I the only one who thinks this is complete rip off of the HD term to try and increase sales?!

The High Definition name comes from the fact that the formula of this toothpaste leaves your teeth up to 3 times whiter than that of regular toothpaste. So basically if you use normal run of the mill toothpaste you are only showing your teeth off in the old analogue standard definition, but use Aquafresh High Definition and people will be wowed by your new super white HD teeth.

It may make your teeth whiter, but what utter rubbish using the term HD.  What they are really saying here is lets charge you more for a product that offers what our normal toothpaste should offer, as lets face it we would all like white teeth.

I know it is only a name, but to me its just ridiculous! What’s next Aquafresh 3D where your white teeth will jump out at those who look at you?!


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