Food waste recycling coming to Bournemouth


I am no eco warrior but I do believe in doing my bit to avoid unnecessary landfill and minimising my impact on global warming (forget the fact I have a 4×4, that’s my 1 treat Winking smile), so I am pleased to hear Bournemouth Council are kicking off a food waste recycling programme for local residents.

I know there are many councils who already do things like this, as well as many who do not. 

It would seem Bournemouth is having reasonable success with their waste campaign with residents now having a Big Bin for recyclables and a Little Bin for landfill waste.

My observations would be that some could do a bit more to reduce their landfill waste.  It takes time to change, but quite often you see a little bin overflowing!

It is too a shame that any environmental benefits that will come of this are probably outweighed for the first few years by the councils investment in new vehicles to accommodate this change.  None the less, it is good to see the investment and I hope people use it.

You can read in full about the scheme, how it will work, what can be recycled and how often collections take place here.


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