International Wheels Festival – Bournemouth 2014

Can Bournemouth Council get lucky twice?

Following the success of the Bournemouth Air Show (now an annual event), the council are launching a new initiative;International Wheel Festival.

Set to launch in May 2014, Bournemouth will be aiming to provide world-class entertainment for local residents whilst benefitting the local economy through ‘Investing in Tourism’ according to their announcement here.

Sounds great, but that is a serious target the Council have set themselves and it certainly sets the standard very high.

The festival will be held along Bournemouth seafront on Saturday 24th May – Monday 26th may and will include themes such as Historic, Classic, Hot Rods, Cycling, Motorcycles and customised cars.

Attendees to the event will apparently enjoy high-energy outstanding displays, including skateboard and BMX stunts, monster trucks, parades and demonstration racing.  In addition there will be selected themed vehicles along the beach front and jumps over Bournemouth Pier.

This sounds brilliant, I like my cars so it is right up my street.

I see a couple of issues here. 

1. How are Bournemouth Council going to put this all along the seafront and surrounding areas. 

I just can’t see how they will manage to get all this along the seafront. The air show is tight for space and the main attractions are in the sky above.  Ok most cars will be parked up but I can’t quite see it myself just yet.

2. Rarely will a council get such success twice.

The council have done a great job with the air show.  I take my hat off and say well done. However, I think it is a big and bold ask for them to achieve similar success with this wheels show.  I hope they do, but I am not sure if people will give it the same time of day as the air show.

Bournemouth Council, like many others have made some ‘less favourable’ decisions on how to spend money in the past and it would be a real shame if this became the next one on the list. It needs local people like me to get behind it and make it a success I guess.

Time will tell how good the event really turns out to be.  Fingers crossed for another good one.

You can find out more HERE.


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