3g signal surprise

ID-10098049I recently spent a few days at Centre Parcs, in Longleat Wiltshire. To my surprise I had a very good 3G/HSPA+ connection the majority of the time thanks to O2.

Others with me who were on Three had very poor signal.

I was quite surprised by the disparity, but of course this can be common, but being in dense woodland I thought I may have suffered more than I did.

However I then think twice about it and think why should I be surprised?!  I pay for the service and O2 are one of the biggest networks and they are now rolling out 4G.

I think this just sums up how many feel and perceive their network coverage. We want but do not expect to get signal in certain places, yet other places where we would imagine perfect signal, we get patchy at best.

The rollout of 4G is supposed to improve signals across the country so this should become less commonplace.

Image Source: freedigitalphotos


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