Audi’s free health check–not quite what you think or expect

I wrote a few weeks ago about my experience with Audi HERE and in it I made a small mention of a point that I want to draw more peoples attention too.

When I took the A3 into Audi for some work to be completed, as part of their service they told me they had undertaken a free health check on the car.

This sounds great, and like me you would probably assume this means taking a look around the car, probably in the engine, testing indicators, bulbs etc. and nowadays plugging it into a computer and running a diagnostics check to check for no obvious faults.

This is not the case. The health check is ONLY visual.

Now I am no genius, but most people can do a health check of their car visually and see if tyres are damaged, flat or there are any stone chips etc. Second opinions are always great, but the apparent value and impetus they put on the health check makes it sound much more.

How did I find out it was only visual (because they didn’t mention this)?

I found out after having a flat battery immediately after having had work done on the car at Audi. On inspection they said I needed a new battery.

I asked why this had not been picked up only a few days before in their health check. They explained that parts were not tested it was only visual.

Flabbergasted I think  is the best way to describe my reaction, but there it is. Just thought I would let you know that Audi’s free health check isn’t quite what it seems.


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