Energy supplier change made easy

Just over a year ago, I switched to a dual fuel tariff with EDF energy after they offered a fixed price per unit over the period rather than a variable cost.

At the time I made the switch using

From what I recall the process was simple and straightforward.

I have just used them again to change my tariff as the 1 year fixed price contract has ended. I am with EDF Energy again, now on a 5 year plan.

Irrespective of the cost of gas and electricity (we all know how expensive it is) I want to recommend as it is quite frankly superb.

I use a lot of websites some good, some not so good, but is excellent.

Asking a few simple questions of your current costs/usage it quickly and simply compares the cost of electricity and gas with suppliers and the tariffs they have on offer clearly showing you increase and decreases in the costs to you should you switch.

It probably took less than 10 minutes for me to enter the information and decide on my plan and confirm the change. I wont go into all the details and features, but I don’ think they are missing anything.

Quite simply, if you are looking to change suppliers for gas and electric, try, it is quite simply brilliant and I will now be using them for other comparisons in the future.

I am not affiliated to uswitch, I just believe in leaving honest feedback.


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