The foxes are going to get it

I have always known that foxes are somewhat of an urban pest and it is highly likely that wherever you live you will see them fairly regularly. Personally I do not have much of a problem with them, providing they keep their distance.

Next door to me, the rear garden has a patch that is very overgrown and makes for an ideal home for the foxes.

On the whole I do not have much of an issue with foxes, they often come through my garden, lay on the lawn and bask in the sun.

However since our dog has grown up and found his legs, we are now running into a slight problem….I think very soon I may have a dead fox on the lawn.

Now I know a fox can run and jump very well. They will also put up a good fight. However they are coming under increasing attack from him. The last few weeks, Ralf (the dog) has bolted down are garden and missed them by a matter of inches.

The situation is made worse by the fact that my neighbours to the left feed them. Thus the foxes come from the right, through my garden to the food.

The little devils have even dug two holes under my fence! They can jump, so why don’t they go over the top!!

So Ralf chases them and has been close, but the issue gets worse because the garden directly opposite has a boxer dog in it, and the house to the right but one has a German Shepherd. Together they are close to pincering the foxes. The fox is chased out of one garden into another where it is then presented with another dog.

The 3 dogs all bark and raise the alarm to each other and I now regularly hear the sound of flying gravel, and a German Shepherd leaping at a fence.

It is unlikely that it will come to the stage of a dead fox on the lawn, but I wish the fox would find another route to the food that doesn’t involve starting a chase through the gardens.


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