It’s your birthday, what do you want? Nothing

I am generally pretty good as far as blokes go for getting people presents for their birthdays. 

For a start I generally make sure I remember them and start thinking well in advance what can I get them. I like to try and get them something unique and personal, not just give a voucher or money, but this is sometimes inevitable.

My Dad recently celebrated his birthday and he is the one I struggle most with.  He is hard to buy for.  He is never particularly fussed and he generally has most things.

This year he therefore got an ‘I owe you’ as I didn’t want to just give money or a voucher.

Now this got me thinking. I don’t think I have ever had a birthday or Christmas where I have never had something I would like. Now whether it was within budget is a whole different matter.

I think this might be because there is always some gadget or bit of tech, however silly or expensive I would like.

Others I know ask for money so they can go buy what they want rather than letting someone else get the wrong thing, or indeed need the money from multiple people to be able to afford the one item

Are you the same? Or do you never know what you want?


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