Get yourself a Tastecard

18 months ago I got introduced to the tastecard.

Essentially it is a subscription based service that gets you 50% off food at selected restaurants & cafes around the country for up to 6 people.

Sometimes it is 2 for 1 instead of the 50% and few locations offer up to 6 people.

It does not cover drinks and many locations do not accept the card on popular nights like Friday and Saturday.

The membership is £80, but in all reality you need pay no more than £30.

Whilst I do not know how exactly their pricing campaign works, I took the 1 month FREE trial and used it 2-3 times.  I then did not sign up immediately and within about 2 months I had emails offering it for less, with the final one offering it for just £30.

As you can essentially cover the cost of the membership in just 1 meal it was well worth doing.

A year on, I would guess that I have saved somewhere in the region of £300 and it has been renewed automatically at just £30 again. I did get emailed in advance to cancel if I wished.

You can find out which local restaurants accept the card through the tastecard website, and app available for iOS and Android.

Many major restaurants are part of the scheme which is always a bonus.

You do not need to eat out often to make this card pay so it is a worthwhile investment.  Whilst I do not encourage it, I wouldn’t mind betting that you can even share it amongst family to get even better value from it.

My biggest issue to date has been occasionally forgetting that I have it, thus not looking at local places to see where i can get the discount.

Interested? Head to to get your FREE trial.


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