Bournemouth BIC & Pavilion charge for emailing tickets

I spoke about my dislike of booking fees on tickets HERE but recently I became even more frustrated as my local events venue, the Bournemouth BIC & Pavilion run by BH Live, not only charged the standard booking fee but charged £1 for email delivery of tickets.

I accept postage costs of a ticket, but a cost to email, that is a little over the top.

You will be sent an email confirmation of order by all online web shops as a matter of course.  I could too have perhaps understood the cost if the tickets came through at a later date by email, like printed tickets would.

BUT, these tickets were attached as a .pdf file to the order confirmation email. Where is the cost in this?

There is the cost of building the system to generate and send these but even a £10,000 system will soon pay for itself with the number of tickets that get sold.  This to me is nothing but profiteering.

The sad fact is I have no option if I wish to watch events locally, which of course I do. 

It is just extremely disappointing that an email now costs money, an email that is automatically generated by a computer system with no human intervention Sad smile.




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