People work at different speeds

I am the type of person who can not sit around and do nothing. Relaxing to me is just more time to think about the things I need to do or should do.

Some will read this and think I am loopy and I wouldn’t blame you.  Sometimes I would just like to sit down without a care in the world and forget about the things that need doing, but the beauty of life is that we are all different and this is what makes me who I am.

So when I need to get things done, because I know they need doing I like to complete them as quickly as I can but to the best of my ability.  This does not mean rushing, but it does mean ensuring I spend the minimum time necessary on the job to get it done properly.

It is all to easy to waste time focusing on small details and essentially not being productive.

My compulsive need to get things done then transitions, with regret I add, to others and how they get things done.  Whilst I know we can not and choose not to work at the same speed why is it some seem to think that you have all day to wait whilst they do something?!

Or why do some choose to take longer than they say they will for no particular reason?

I am the first to admit I put some emails and tasks to the bottom of my to do list as the content is less time sensitive.  I may say to someone I will do that soon but never specify when (although soon usually means within a week with me) but I always endeavour to fulfil work by a deadline that I have agreed to.  Thus it really frustrates me when someone does not do or complete the work on time or even close to time.

I wish I could be more lenient, but do not say your going to do something and don’t do it. Or if you don’t do it, at least have a reasonable excuse.


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