HTC One–is this the one?

HTC have no doubt struggled over the last 12 months against ever increasing competition and sheer dominance from those companies (Samsung & Apple) who have endless bags of money to spend on marketing.

I have felt for some time that HTC got a little too confident with it’s products.  It had fantastic growth and success and it was all well deserved.  However as they mopped up this success they lost sight of what was important, the customer and the product.

They have however recognised this and come back with a bang with the HTC One.


Does it really have enough to compete?

My initial impressions were no, then yes and after much thought I am not sure it does.

I have yet to have hands on with the One, but the images do make it look simply glorious and the videos that are coming out from hands on help convince me of this.

Some of the features on the camera and the interface sound good too as does the stereo speakers.

The hardware specs look reasonable.

I and most others can live with a fixed battery and without a MicroSD card slot, but to be successful and bring them back they need to appeal to a broad audience and here is where the problems lie.

Most would accept a non removable battery. Many will not accept the lack of MicroSD slot.

Streaming is an option as is online storage. However many of what I deem average users will not realise or understand fully data usage and what impact that this could have on their monthly costs.

Whilst teens are not necessarily the target market we all know they want the biggest and best and parents often pay for this.  However they will not be forking out streaming and data plans that they don’t think their child will need.  So the music and photos need to go on the phone, but wait there is a limit to the internal memory!

The camera, as fantastic as it sounds has been rated for many years by megapixels and whilst it basically has a 13 megapixel camera the marketing will not say this, thus Joe Bloggs on the street won’t understand UltraPixels when trying to make comparison to their current camera.

Why no wireless charging.  This is supposed to be the latest and greatest phone. Whilst most will not move to this for a long time, why exclude it, even a mid range Nokia has this thanks to a charging shell.

It could be thinner.  If so precisely crafted, how is it the iPhone’s and Motorola’s are thinner still?

No IP rating. Whilst not essential even some sort of water-resistant coating would have been nice.

No Miracast technology. Ok so I am getting very picky here, but cutting edge HTC.

Accessories. They have announced cases but they are in very bold colours. Could we have a simple Black or White shell too HTC.  An exec might not want a grey and red case for his black phone. What about a desktop dock?

So these are just my thoughts. I hope HTC do have a come back, but at this time I am yet to be convinced that they are living up to their ‘quietly brilliant’ slogan. The device is good, but it isn’t what a flagship should be especially when they have the S3, Nexus 4 and Xperia Z already there to compare it too.


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