Ticket booking fees

ID-10038496Why do booking fees for tickets for any sort of event actually exist?

They seem to me to be nothing more than a profit making exercise.  Advertise the tickets at one price but charge a bit more to cover their costs.

Like any business selling something there are associated costs and processing a card transaction online or in store, the process does incur a cost. However the difference with buying most things online or in store in comparison to tickets is that you do not get charged a fee for doing so.

Imagine walking into a high street store picking a t-shirt for £20 but being told as you go to pay for it that you need to pay an extra £1 because you wish to pay by card.

This is the exact principle that ticket sellers operate by.  The event ticket may be £60 but you usually have to pay a £x service charge.For what?

The cost is obviously to cover the associated fees with actually selling you the ticket, like covering the costs they get charged by the card processing agency, but why do they not incorporate the card costs into the sale price, like any high street shop or online retailer? 

If the cost was included in the ticket price, the real cost of the ticket is actually known prior to going through the full checkout process.

I have come to accept these fees like anyone else I am sure, but the question still remains as to why do they exist?! We wouldn’t accept this on the high street from clothes shops or food retailer so why do we with ticket sellers?

If it is simply a case of they need to charge the additional fee to make a profit then do it by increasing the ticket cost!

A quick search reveals this Which article intimates that the charge is so they can make money over and above the cost of the ticket set by the artist/performer and to create a contract between you and them as the seller, but still.

It is a negative moan I know and one that wont change but I still think that it is misleading as the initial ticket price is what you are drawn to even if you are clearly told the additional fees during the checkout process.

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