Ralf is now 18 weeks old

So I had intended to blog a bit more regularly about dog ownership…however time (taken up by a puppy & work) have gotten the better of me!

We have now had Ralf for about 9 weeks and wow what a difference 9 weeks makes.

We had him checked and vaccinated from 8 weeks old.  He weighed just 5.4kg then.  He must weight about 13-14kg now.

He has had all his vaccinations, flea and worming treatment and is well into his puppy training.

We have been very lucky to date, he is fairly well behaved and has caused us no real issues (touch wood).

He sleeps in the car, in fact makes no noise what so ever.  It is a little odd.

Here is a picture taken of him on a walk a week ago.

The following are a few pictures starting with the more recent.

2012-08-10 19.05.012012-08-25 14.21.012012-08-19 14.32.372012-08-05 09.41.11Ralf_9_10_Weeks_28_07_12 (33)

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