How much money for a car park?

The council must have a few jolly days out with the car park money!

The few times I pop into town I am always astounded at the price that you are expected to pay for car parking.  Now I should be used to it by now, what town or city doesn’t charge to park your car.  Anyone would think we didn’t pay council or road tax but that is another matter.

I guess depending where you live it could be better or worse than other places but in Bournemouth parking meters are more prevalent than ever before.

50p for 30 minutes isn’t much in the grand scheme of things but its a pain when often you don’t have the right change.  Yes you can call up services but what a bloody hassle.

However if you want to park by the beach its like a lot of £££££ for a few hours.  I can’t quote the prices as they seem to change…as do the hours they apply.  Sometimes it is 24 hours and 2 weeks later it is until 10pm, but most seem to be 24 hours now!

I know it brings revenue in for tourists but car parks make everyone grumpy because they are busy and expensive.  If they are busy then that is good I suppose, people are not put off, or is it a case they realise they have no choice so they just get on with it.

Free parking does exist, it just usually means parking your car on a verge illegally and taking the risk you get back before you get caught!

However if you head to Castlepoint (a sort of slightly out of town shopping centre) then parking is free.  It is generally always busy despite the car park falling down (do a web search to find out more) but the council wonders why the town on occasions, like Christmas is quiet.

It is because people don’t want to pay 50p just to go to the post office for their stamps or to pick up milk or bread or something which is most likely cheaper than the car park (ok, so in todays economy probably not, but you get the idea).

I think local residents somehow (I haven’t thought the scheme through entirely) should get a number or free parking hours a year.  Those who use over their allowance pay, those who use under it get a tax rebate.  Simples as the MeerKat from the telly would say!

Image Source: Google Images/536267

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