Hand Car Wash

Car wash, there is only one option for me.

ID-10042993Despite the fact that some days I really can not be bothered, I will wash my car by hand instead of going to the car wash, or letting someone else wash it for me.

It is more than likely worth it for me to pay someone else to do it and the only person I would now pay to do it, is my younger brother who puts lots of care and attention into cleaning cars.

This has been the case for many years,but recently I thought I would try the car wash and a hand car wash to see whether my perception of past was still correct.

Now I know there may be better car washes out there and my comments are based on my experience but here it is. I am basing this on spending no more than £10 to wash a car.  Spend more you get more but when it comes to a quick wash I refuse to spend more than that…I can wash my car in that time.

I never liked to use a car wash because I always believed it damaged the paint and was a bit too aggressive on my pride and joy. But its been about 5 years since I last used a car wash, maybe longer and  millions use them so they must be doing something right. 

Sainsbury’s had just renovated their petrol station near me so after filling up with some fuel I went for one of their best washes which included a wax and something else that the lower end washes didn’t, I believe it was about £5 so I was happy.

Bearing in mind too that this was a recently re-furbished petrol station I had to assume that the car wash was as cutting edge as it could be.  Everything was fine, car washed, got home to inspect the clean and it hadn’t done a bad job until I looked at the wheels…they were awful still.  The front were clean, but anything that was recessed was filthy.

I know it cant be easy to develop a machine that accommodates all wheel sizes and alloy types, but my wheels were 17″ 5 spoke so its not like it was an intricate pattern.  I genuinely could have got the muck off with a jet wash better. So I had to re-clean the wheels.

The hand car was in the Sainsbury’s car park, just like you see in all the other supermarkets now, was better in terms of finish for the wheels but there were lots of bits they failed to clean.  General muck that stuck to the body.  The main surfaces were not too bad, the worst was off, but no attention to detail.

So as a result I now stick to the good old fashioned doing it myself, even if I am not in the mood.  What’s the saying…If you want a job done properly, do it yourself.

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One thought on “Hand Car Wash

  1. When it comes to car wash, i always prefer to do some manual car wash because it is more thorough compared to automated car wash. .””*’

    Have a great day!

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